We bring you high quality and affordable office and house cleaning equipment from top manufacturing brands such as;
•Vacuum cleaners
•Vacuum Cleaner
•Broom & Dustpan
•Sponge Mop
•Plastic Buckets
•Rubber Gloves
•Cleaning Supply Cart
•Trash Bags
•Dust Towels
•Newspapers or Coffee Filters (for streak-free window cleaning!)
•Cleaning Towels – For General Surface Cleaning
•Brillo Pads
•Glass cleaner
•Wood Polish
•Lysol or Other Floor Cleaning Solutions
•Stainless Steel Cleaning Polish or Powder
•Mold & Mildew Cleaner
•Disinfectant Wipes
•Air Freshener
To give you a better cleaning experience with high quality equipment at a very cheap and discounted rate.
Call us today at 0230 630 004 or simply email us at info@officecleanersghana.com or visit our website at www.officecleanersghana.com to get started.


  • Category : Office Supplies & Stationary
  • Condition : New
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